NEW design

i want to change the blog design long time ago, but i was very busy recently. So, can't find a right time to make it.

i like white color and vintage style, so i choose this as my new design. Beside that, it is more easy to read by other (white paper, black words).

i like sophisticated that name, and the slogan - intelligent to seek your luxury inspiration. But after consideration, i think that is more suitable for blog's name of my portfolio. So, i think i need to take some time to create my portfolio's blog by using the old name.

i rename my blog as 1/2/3, Peter, Paul& Mary without any reason, the idea just inspired by Britney Spear song - 3.

i like simple which reflect my style right now. However, i put some nice pictures for decoration, cuz simple + little "accessories" = sophisticated. Simple is fine!

2 fashionists:

nolwenn 说...

I like your blog new design :)
just why don't have date and time on top of your title one?

Mieko Boss 说...

Aft ur mention, i baru realize really no date worr.... haha! go to set right now