Looking back the year of 2011, I'm glad that I've taken a right road as my turning point of my life. Coming back to Malaysia really make me feel alive and get a lot of enjoyment. I'm appreciate that all those Singaporean "trained" me strictly, let me be a super responsible, a super hardworking, a super effective and a super tough person. Working at Singapore let me experience rapid growth. However, I fed up the life over there, you will become a materialistic, selfish, social apathy person. Especially those Malaysian who working on Singapore, they just focus on interest while doing anything. They become more kiansu and think that they are more dominant than us (who are survive at Malaysia). F! I just wanna said: "You are blinded by the money!" Yet become the slave of money, I faster come back. Sorry for those ppl who working at Singapore, I'm know I've convey in harsh manner, however it is TRUTH! You can keep on living over there and enjoy your way, but remember to come back at Polling date and visit your getting older parents. Million of thanks to my family, friends and my current company, successes rescued me from the days of tears. Now, I'm standing strength and smile though the days. I just wanna said, I like Singapore, but I more love KL <3

I think most of the person will have their own wish list for the new start. As my new boss-Owen, he got a lot of wish lists and strategies for 2012 to let us help him to complete. Feel stress, but at least I'm not feel emptiness, because many ppl are stand/stay with me. I do have my wish list for this year also. First, SAVE MONEY! A lot ppl sure will said: "Liyee, don't bluffing la~ U can't make it!" Hey, don't despise me ok~ U all should encourage me, hee~ Second, lost 10kg. I think all of you can understand what that means "10kg" ya. So, don't ask me to help you finish the stuff u can't finish, don't ask me eat high calorie food ya. My best friend gotta marriage at this year, I'll be the bridge maid, so i need to make sure I can fit into a skinny dress as well.

The most important thing that i ought to learn for this year is "勇敢爱"
As my friend always tell me, Crash on somebody is easy (爱-容易), courage to love is difficult (勇敢爱-很难), let yourself deeply in love is tough (放手去爱-更难). At this moment, i just want勇敢爱enough.

And in this coming year, I'll love u all as usual and I wish all the very best for you and your loved ones.

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Mayshin Soo 说...

Happy new year 2012~~

nolwenn 说...

Yes! save money, this is very important, don't invest your money on Midvalley/One-U/The curve anymore, add oil!

10kg? no need la, 6kg consider very good, don't too stress on it. Add oil too!

匿名 说...