To my love

It has been 3 years.
Everyday, I miss you every single moment.
I often think where you are and if you're happy.
I want you to be my side no matter where we are.

I still remember the first time where we met
Crashing beers on the MM bar,
the rhythm of our hearts,
we lost our soul in Disclosure's Latch,
my lips adrift in yours,
my heart beats turned to two beats per second
I have never felt this way before.

With you,
the clock stop ticking,
death is forgotten.
And the most beautiful sound in the world to me
is hearing you heart beats and whisper to me
over and over again.

Your eyes were beautifully gift wrapped;
long golden lashes
fine lines behind them
and everytime you blinged them
it felt like Christmas

That day,
I could taste the sting of gin on your sexy lips
a final kiss,
before we said our last goodbye,
without a word being said.
I just thrown a phase,
"Drive safe"
and you said "always"
Both of us didn't turn around...
because we care each other too much.

I want us to talk again,
I want you to know that I miss the most of all and every time the sun goes down,
I think of all the things I wish I could tell you.
I hope it was not our last page of romantic novel.
but it seems my life is destined to remain a book of short stories.
I will keep you in my heart forever
and wish you happiness.
Zack, I am grateful you came into my life for once.


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