when u meet a BITCH...

How to do/react if you meet a bitch?

1> Do not bother her, it will detriment your personal temperament.

2> To be rationally and calmly face the troubles, so that you can make your own decisions rationally.

3> Pretending can't heard, can't see them at all.

4> No need to give them any facial expression, that is because those are irritating person.

5> To bind their ideas perfunctory, actually is not concern at all.

6> To find a gang of person who hate them also and discuss loudly during they are not around.

7> Do not respect them, just do the way you like.

8> Sometimes can curse them. I know will got karma, but this is the only way to release your stress.

9> To find a gang of people to boycott her.

10> If can't endure anymore, just shout to them. No need to scare!

11> Learn their trick & tactic to defeat them at the same way one day. Let them feel the same taste.

12> Do not cooperate with them, because will bring you a lot of mess to you.

13> Just leave them away, so you can have a better future.

These all my valuable experiences to share with you. How bout you? If you have any new opinion to fight with them, can share with me here. So I can heap up all the superb tactic to fight with these kind of person.

If you are the one in my situation also. Then you better face these kind of bitch bravely to defend your right. For me, I very confirm, sure will leave her after my “wings" go harder!

2 fashionists:

nolwenn 说...

I totally agreed with you!

I will try all my best to just be myself, my ownself (-_-)

LiAnG 说...

I think we can stick w options 1, 2, 3... tis will shows not oni our professionalism but also trains our eq... + you